LYFE 2022 Conference April 21-24, 2022

Are You Overwhelmed Due to the Pandemic?

According to Gallup International, approximately 8 in 10 Americans are overwhelmed and stressed.  Here are the facts:

  • Four in 10 Americans ( 41%) say they lack the time to do all they want.

  • ​Women are more likely to suffer from stress (44%) compared to men (40%).

  • Concerns about being overworked and family are the biggest stressors


LYFE 2022​ is an intimate, three-day transformative virtual event, unlike anything you may have experienced.  You will not be the same when you leave.

In order to keep you informed on how you can get focused and stay focused prior to the Live Your Focus Encounter, sign up for your complimentary gift.  Enjoy!

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Three Powerful Tracks

LYFE 2020 is the premier lifestyle and business makeover conference in the country.  This two-day encounter will show you how to enhance and rejuvenate your lifestyle, business, and relationships in a safe, judgment-free atmosphere.  

Focused Mastery

The first part of the day is designed to help you determine your focus, establish a focused-driven mindset and set profitable priorities for growth, significance and successful contributions.

Business Mastery

The second half of the day, (after lunch) is designed to help your market your focus by putting it into action.  We will work on online, offline, social media, personal interactions, pitch, and networking strategies.    

Lifestyle Mastery

The second day  is focused on building powerful relationships and the lifestyle you want.  You will leave with an actionable plan, tools, strategies to help you network, enhance and formulate at least two joint-ventures.


You Owe Yourself and Your Family to Make This Year the BEST YEAR Yet (despite the global pandemic), and Accomplish Insane Results in Your Life, Business, AND Relationships...Here's Why?

  • It wasn't because you didn't set reachable goals.


  • It wasn't because you lacked the desire or discipline.


  • It wasn't because you didn't have the knowledge, skills, and experience.


The real reason: FOCUS!


And it's not about thinking or believing things will change, it's about EXECUTION!  How you execute a plan and the sequencing of steps is crucial to your success.  


Just think of baking a cake.  You can have all the raw ingredients, and tools; however, it's your sequencing or combination of certain ingredients; plus the right tools and time allocation that determines how well your cake turns out.  One misstep can ruin the cake.


The same is true when it comes to successful living.  The correct sequencing of strategies and tools will create transformative change in ALL areas of your life.

We will work together to create your signature message so you can speak with authority and stand out from your competition.


We're holding nothing back and sharing all of our secrets with you, so you can learn from our mistakes and see what is currently working in the market.


You will discover an easy process designed to help you make this year and years to come the comes years ever.  


We will keep you on track with follow-up sessions so you won't become distracted and drift back into old unproductive habits.


Because you deserve more out of life, I'm inviting you to the Live Your Focus Encounter 2022, which is an opportunity to focus on your Lifestyle, Business, and Relationships.  So you can have extraordinary results, growth, impact, and influence to make a significant contribution to the world.


More specifically, this encounter will help you release stress, be more energetic, and build strong collaborative partnerships and joint-ventures, while shortening the gap between where you are and where you desire to be.  Focus is the vehicle to get you there.


I'm going to reveal the latest science, strategies, and practical applications to quickly reprogram your subconscious, and accomplish more in the shortest amount of time.  It's our signature Focused Acceleration Success Training (FAST) technologies.  


The Live Your Focus Encounter 2020 conference is actually a Master Class, where we help each other to succeed and focus on your specific issues in a judgment-free atmosphere. We that humans are in what Success Magazine described as "the next evolution in personal growth."


Let's be honest, merely hoping for change is not a good strategy, nor is relying solely on some new technology or social media hacks. This evolution is about transforming your lifestyle, business, and relationships in order to make a significant contribution to the world.


Get Laser-Focused On What You Want to Achieve in Life, Business AND Relationships by Getting the Tools, Strategies, and Coaching Needed to Realize Your Post-Pandemic Dreams... In Only 3 Days

Rich Hart Global Studios | 2030 Powers Ferry RD SE | Atlanta, GA 30339 | 877-275-3039 |

Conference Hosts & Team


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Dr. Lyman A. Montgomery

Founder & Host

Lyman A. Montgomery is the founder and president of Focused Driven Lifestyle Coaching, LLC and Creator of the Live Your Focus Encounter (LYFE).  He is a renowned international speaker, best selling author, and Master Certified Life and Business Coach.  


Lyman holds a Ph.D. in Human Resources Management with an emphasis on focused employee engagement and leadership. He is the proud father of two sons, Cameron and Destin, and a member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc.


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Founder & Host

Stacey Benson-Taylor

Co-Host & Speaker

Stacey D. Benson-Taylor, JD is the Founder of Shine Like A Diamond Consulting LLC, where she works with clients to find, define, and refine their value so they can live multifaceted lives and shine like diamonds in every area of their lives.  Stacey is a motivational speaker, life coach, mediator, mentor, travel consultant, certified trainer, and author of the highly anticipated book, “Shine Like a Diamond” and the creator of the Diamond Life Program. 

Stacey received an AAS in Paralegal Studies from Sinclair Community College, BA in Political Science from Wright State University, and Juris Doctorate from the University of Dayton School of Law, which she has combined with life lessons and skills to uplift, encourage, motivate, inspire, and guide.  Stacey is proud to have been a Community Activist for over 26 years, serving on the NAACP Executive Committee, the Miami Valley AFL-CIO Executive Board, and the MLK Inc., Community Engagement Committee. 

Stacey also serves at her church, The Way of The Cross Gospel Ministries, and Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. 



Co-Founder & Host


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Sebastian (Seb) Brantigan

Online Event Promoter 

Seb Brantigan also known as "The Britpreneur" is a Speaker, Best Selling Author, and Digital Marketing Veteran who has been in the industry for nearly a decade.


Seb has worked with several 7 and even 8 figure earners to scale their business and marketing strategies. He has worked with one of Britain's most famous television personalities and has received the digital-marketer award as a top affiliate.


He is a world traveller who enjoys immersing himself in different cultures and building new friendships. His greatest passion is to empower others to be successful and happy in all areas of their life.


Seb resides in Ipswich, East of England region and can be reached at or

Co-Host & Promoter


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Master of Ceremony


Lady Myya Taylor

Master of Ceremony

Lady Myya Taylor, After being a mostly single mother of three beautiful ladies and working hard to provide for her family
she had a wake-up call. The dreaded day that she was unable to work any longer due to weakness in her body, what was she to do. Now that her children are older and on their own, this left a big hole in the life
of someone that has always been so active. Leaving her with only her thoughts and silence.

Now having been a creative dreamer and a living color visionary with her writings, she has not been able to concentrate on the passion that was the center and made her whole. All she wanted was a complete thought, one that would awaken her
imagination again but the last nothing the rooms were too quiet. The silence just became deafening.


The moment came when she felt her story was coming to an end but then a voice appeared. Thinking that the voice was coming from God or her conscience it was
coming for her and it was directing the people she spoke to that may have lost their way. Not really understanding what to do with her thoughts she enrolled in a class for public speaking only to find the voice got louder, it had something to say about her experiences that she was never allowed to speak before.

She now has a podcast and radio show and TV Show, Lady Myya cannot shut up. She now has found the power to be the mouthpiece for the spirit and to encourage others to start what the enemy wanted
them to stop because he did not want to see them win.

Her shows are about not being comfortable because others tell them to but to help find what made them unique. By polishing up the equipment that they were born with and refusing to stop until their passions come to pass. Podcast: Living your Best Life w/ Lady Myya Tues and Thurs. Radio show: UR Free Will on Sundays 4 pm est
TV Show: Lady Myya Tagline: Think. Plan. Do! on Contact: Myya Taylor, or text/call at 214.529.0980. 



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 Event Promoter & Co-Host

Jay Johnson

Event Promoter & C0-Host 

Jay Johnson is an International Best Selling Author, International Speaker, and Entrepreneur's Master Trainer. Empowering leaders to thrive is his passion. Jay writes presentations and creates workshops, programs, boot camps, & masterminds for leading authorities in the business & speaking industry.


Working with celebrities such as Les Brown, Dr. James Dently III, Dave VanHoose, Kevin Harrington, Jerry Clark, Holton Buggs, James Earl Jones, Tommy Davidson, (2) Former Presidents, BB King, and several billionaires.


Jay provides a wide array of value and entertainment through emceeing events and hosting programs such as SignatureTalks, Monetize Me, Lean-To Earn Masterminds, & Picture This Presentation.

Jay resides in Florida.


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I've coached and trained thousands of audiences all over the world, and in doing so, I've noticed Five Modalities of Transformation, which you will experience at LYFE 2022 Hybrid Summit:

  • Intention: We show you how to be thoughtful, purposeful, and deliberate about your actions and decision-making process.

  • Immersion: We use an interactive approach to content delivery and teaching by placing you directly in an environment to experience success.

  • Information: What we convey during the conference is arranged and sequenced in such a way to empower you to take Massive Action.

  • ​Inclusion: Your thoughts, ideas, and perspectives are welcomed and encouraged.

  • Influence: When you leave, we desire for you to be an influencer (someone who affects others) and have the capacity to inspire positive change and transformation in the world.

Rich Hart Global Studios | 2030 Powers Ferry RD SE | Atlanta, GA 30339 | 877-275-3039 |

"Two Transformative Days to Discover Your Focus & Make a Significant Contribution to the World."

This is not like most boring workshops, seminars, summits, or conferences, LYFE 2022 is an experiential immersion-style encounter, which creates sustainable and transformative change in your life, business, and relationships...


Just think, in only 2 days, you will reprogram your mind about how you think and feel about your money, relationships, lifestyle, and most importantly yourself...


Develop clarity and focus with the confidence to excel in every area of your life...


Leverage automation to grow and scale your business


Determine the lifetime value of your customers with strategies for positioning, evaluating, and creating rapport that continues to bring repeat business and client renewals.

Don't delay your total transformation any longer.  Start reshaping your life, business and relationship Now!


Lyman with Congressman John Lewis of Atlanta, GA

Rich Hart Global Studios | 2030 Powers Ferry RD SE | Atlanta, GA 30339 | 877-275-3039 |

Hear from Past Clients & Attendees

When we decided to host our event, it was due to listening to past clients and attendees who wanted to attend an event that boosted their confidence and gave them a tangible blueprint they could implement immediately.  


Secondly, they wanted to continue to network and build their relationships without being pressured to buy something.  In essence, they wanted to attend an encounter that focused on their growth as they continue to make significant contributions in the world. 

Is Your Life is at a crossroads between doing the same things each year, expecting something different?  Isn't it time to do something different, the choice is yours!

We are calling all high-level thinkers and influencers to join me in Atlanta for this transformative conference as together we work as a collaborative community to make significant contributions to the world.


LYFE 2022, is not about personal or professional development... nor is it a financial or money mastery seminar... While you will grow personally, professionally, and finally... This is an LYFE MOVEMENT! 


By the end of our time together in Atlanta, you will leave feeling unstoppable because you have tapped into your superpower and living your focus! 


Now you know, what will you do? 


When you attend LYFE 2022, we'll help you eliminate all the mental blocks that have been preventing you from seeing results in your life, business and relationships; you will be empowered with the right tools, strategies, and technologies to take your life, business and relationships higher.   


This is about helping you live your focus, so you can make a significant contribution to the world. 


LYFE 2022 connects you to individuals from all walks of life to accelerate your success in every area. One of the biggest obstacles to enjoying success is a lack of focus and managing your distractions.   


That's why our focus targets three essential areas that will influence your success

Focus Mastery

  • Brain Science: Did you know your brain has only two purposes- survival and energy allocation. 

  • Neuroplasticity: Learn how your brain works and the power of neuroplasticity and brain wave frequency technologies to help you become more creative and productive.

  • Focused Mindset: Developing a focused-driven mindset requires mental reshaping, which removes distractions, and procrastination, allowing you to direct your attention towards a target.

  • Mindfulness: Discover how to be present with your thoughts, and environment and how focused mindfulness will reduce stress and anxiety.

  • ​Ritual creation: learn the benefits of having an intentional morning ritual and how to create your own.

  • Focusing Agents: how to find and implement powerful and easy to use tools to keep you focused throughout the day.

  • Time Distortion: How to use mental techniques to virtually distort time.

  • Neuro Linguistic Programing (NLP). One of the most powerful mental tools today is NLP technologies.  Heard of Tony Robbins?  NLP has helped millions around the world to overcome their limiting belief systems. 

Business Mastery

  • Structuring: It is essential to make sure your business is structured correctly to avoid tax issues and penalties.

  • Cash flow-credit: In today's economy credit is a must.  Discover how to use and correct business credit issues and cash flow principles, while protecting your assets.

  • Customer acquisition: Without customers or clients, you don't have a sustainable business.  Learn how to market, advertise and convert prospects into loyal customers.

  • ​Automation:  Discover effective keys to running your business without feeling tied to it.  Automation may be the missing link. 

  • Customer Service:  We live in a world that expects and demands five -star customer service.  Discover how you can offer your customers 5-star service.

  • ​Staffing:  As the business continues to grow, you have to build a team.  Learn how to staff your business correctly and avoid costly lawsuits or damaged reputation.

  • Scaling:  Is your business growing faster than you can handle?  Discover how to scale without losing quality or focus.

Lifestyle Mastery

  • Nutrition: Nutrition is more than a diet.  it's about being healthy and having a strategy to stay healthy and remove toxins from our bodies.

  • Movement: Some will call it exercise, I prefer movement to describe internal exercises such as Tai chi, Qigong breathing, Yoga, dance, soft style kung-Fu, and other forms of self-care.

  • Relationships:  Social media has made us more connected than ever before, yet the #1 issue in America is loneliness.  Discover the strategies to building strong relationships in your personal and professional environment.

  • Service: Fulfillment comes from serving others and making significant contributions to the world you are called to serve.

  • Money and credit:  Most of us did not grow up learning about money and credit in school or at home.  You will learn how to get your personal finances in order and remove negative "dings" from your credit reports.

  • ​Time Compression: Time is a non-reusable commodity.  You will learn the strategies to get more done in a day than most in a week by taking advantage of time compression techniques.

Rich Hart Global Studios | 2030 Powers Ferry RD SE | Atlanta, GA 30339 | 877-275-3039 |

LYFE 2022 Hybrid Summit is the Premier Event for those desiring to influence the world through Service... 

Our Events are Transformative and FUN!

When you attend our transformational encounter, you will be energized and motivated to succeed.  We believe everyone has a story to tell and its important to get it out to the world. 


Listen to a past participant share his experiences attending one of our events. 


Register Now to Lock in Your Early Bird Ticket and Get  Bonuses worth over $4,500!

Rich Hart Global Studios | 2030 Powers Ferry RD SE | Atlanta, GA 30339 | 877-275-3039 |

P.S. Special Bonuses

When you register today, you will have access to two Insane Extra Bonus packages.  These two bonuses are exclusive to early bird ticket holders!

  • Special Bonus #1: Complimentary ticket ($297 value).  Imagine the possibilities of networking and building a tribe of supporters to inspire you to reach new heights.  


This is the unique power of a tribe and why I encourage you to bring your spouse, partner, or friend; so you both can experience LYFE 2022 together!

  • Special Bonus #2 Needing to accelerate your life or business to the next level? Come early and get FREE coaching and network at our private coaching party.


This is an advance mastermind for serious entrepreneurs who are ready to dominate their industry. Afterward, get ready to party with live music. 

Confirmed Speakers

We are pleased to announce some of the speakers at the LYFE 2022 Conference.  Click on their image to learn more about the awesome value they bring to the conference.  Click the image to read their profile.




We are in the process of building our schedule 

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Focused Driven Lifestyle Coaching, LLC

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